Bitstamp requires users to report the origin of deposits

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp required users to provide additional information, including data on the origin of deposits.

Information about the origin of fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, according to the media, is requested in order to comply with regulatory requirements. Among the documents that are suitable for providing information about deposits, there are dozens of sources of information.

Fiat funds

Payrolls, tax returns, invoices for work performed, bank accounts, insurance payments, benefits, pension statements can confirm the origin of a deposit in traditional currencies. Documents on inheritance, availability of dividends, donation agreements, sale or lease of real estate, receipts for the purchase of mining equipment, loan agreements are also suitable.


To confirm the legitimacy of a deposit in cryptocurrency, screenshots of wallets or a personal account on other exchanges from where funds were received on Bitstamp are suitable. You can also send work contracts, public data on gifts and rewards, signed messages for transactions, Chainalysis reports, screenshots of hard fork balances and much more for verification. The complete list is listed here.

Other documents that are required to be provided to Bitstamp customers also include data on citizenship, annual income, tax residency, capital, and even place of birth. For updating information in the account, the exchange promises a surprise in the form of $25.



According to some reports, investors from the European Union who have not updated information on the origin of deposits are already banned from trading.

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