BitMax celebrated its 2nd anniversary in a big way

The birthday of the popular cryptocurrency exchange fell on December 23. On this day, a celebration took place in Beijing, which brought together prominent representatives of the crypto community: BitUniverse, BlockVC, Red Forest Group

During the event, the current situation on the exchange, digital asset trading, as well as new opportunities for DeFi, Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot were discussed.

About BitMax

2020 has been a busy year for BitMax. The exchange launched many new services aimed at organizations, developed mining and DeFi directions, forged close relationships with the global crypto community, and also launched 20 unique projects that are well received by the market.

At the opening ceremony of the holiday, the founder of BitMax Cao Jing made a speech. According to him, BitMax:

  • It has 5 offices around the world and serves users in 196 countries.
  • Actively attracts enthusiasts to provide the best support in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Received 300% influx of new users.
  • Supports 5 languages ​​and 6 fiat currencies.

BitMax will continue to improve its product line in 2021. Optimizes contract product lines and user experience. Will launch tax support for some countries. Will continue to expand its advantages and bring more surprises to the market.