Bitfinex Derivatives to Open Perpetual Contracts for Shib and OMG

The cryptocurrency exchange derivatives platform Bitfinex will launch Shiba Inu and OMG Network trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Euro Tether in December. All contracts can be concluded with up to 100x leverage.

According to the CTO of Bitfinex Derivatives, the exchange aims to expand the range of services it provides to investors. In December, the portfolio of perpetual swaps can be replenished with Shiba Inu and OMG tokens for profitable trading on the exchange.

Paul Ardoino says new exchange-traded products Bitfinex should attract user interest. Especially - funds and professional investors. After all, spot trading is good at hedging risks when investing in the crypto market.

The point is that derivatives provide investment opportunities without direct access to cryptocurrencies. This means that the investor will not have the hassle of owning and protecting this asset.

Also, using leverage, even those cryptocurrency users who initially have a small capital can make large investments. This is a profitable but risky strategy. Therefore, experts recommend resorting to it only for experienced investors.

You can learn more about Bitfinex and start trading cryptocurrencies after registering an account. Try investment opportunities with a personal example!

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