Binance Will Replace Its Own Token Burn Mechanism

Currently, Binance blockchain tokens are burned once a quarter (Quarterly Burn). However, a different mechanism will soon be used instead. We are talking about Auto-Burn during the formation of each block.

The main purpose of the replacement is to make the process more transparent and predictable. The community of BNB holders must clearly understand the possibilities that regular automatic token burning will provide.

For example, it will help build a healthy blockchain ecosystem and support the BSC and Binance Coin communities. In many ways, this result will be ensured due to the objectivity of the combustion process and easy verification of its results at any stage.

The exchange will stop burning tokens based on its quarterly profit. Instead, the amount of tokens burned will be determined based on the BNB value. The calculations will take into account the supply and demand of tokens, as well as the number of blocks mined per quarter.

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