Binance will pay out 75 BUSD to Ukrainian refugees

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the release of a VISA card for refugees from Ukraine. On this card within 3 months. the platform will charge 75 BUSD per month.

The Binance Visa Card will be issued in cooperation with the Contis platform, Rotary and several other companies. It will help Ukrainians in the European Union receive and send payments, pay for services and pay for purchases in the store.

This product was previously issued only to residents of the European Economic Area. And now it has become available to refugees from Ukraine who are in the EU. They will be available to people who have been verified by local non-profit organizations in the countries where they are located.

In addition to access to cryptocurrency payments, card recipients will also be able to become owners of three payments of 75 BUSD per month. This amount will be paid in the form of financial support from Binance.

A representative of the Binance Charity noted that with this initiative, the crypto exchange plans to help people, provide them with a functional payment tool and show what role digital assets can play in society.



It is worth noting that the positions of the exchange’s own cryptocurrency (BNB token) are constantly strengthening. Yesterday, the 19th token burn took place, through which 1.83 million BNB were withdrawn from circulation for a total of $741.84 million. The company plans to burn half of the total emission of tokens, which is 100 million BNB. Details about incineration can be found on the analytics resource.



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