Binance Raises 3,211 BTC For The Restoration Of Notre Dame Cathedral

Binance Charity transferred about $60,000 in Bitcoin to restore paintings of Notre Dame Cathedral, damaged in a fire in 2019. Information posted on the blog of the crypto exchange

Back in 2019, the Binance Charity platform responded to the call of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, to help restore one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. Fundraising began a few days after that.

Cryptocurrency donations have been donated by many members of the Binance community. A fundraising channel was created on the platform for social purposes. Money for the restoration came from all over the world.

Mays of Notre-Dame de Paris are unique works of art created between 1630-1707 by famous court artists.

Mays of Notre-Dame de Paris

It is part of the world's cultural heritage. Therefore, the activities of the Binance community are of great importance. Keep it up!