A draft plan for the return of funds from MT. Gox crypto exchanges is ready

The infamous MT exchange. Gox plans to pay out 300,000 BTC and BCH to affected users. This was announced by the trustee

Damage to users affected by the 2011 exchange hack, Mt. Gox promises to pay off for years. Once again, the information appeared on the official website of the company. It says that the Tokyo authorities will study the prepared compensation plan and decide whether it is suitable for payments.

Note that the site does not have clear information on how funds will be returned and when exactly. However, this question is of great interest to users, since back in 2014 the exchange was the third in terms of trading volume in the world, and there were a lot of deceived investors.

In total, hackers withdrew 850,000 BTC from the exchange. About 200,000 BTC was returned from the backup wallet. Also, coins got to the exchange account after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork, which split from Bitcoin in 2017.

According to information received from the trustee appointed to handle the affairs of Mt. Gox, now there are 141,000 BTC and 1,428,000 BCH in her accounts. They will be used for compensation payments.