crypto conference in minsk

Crypto Games Conference Is a Biannual International Event Taking Place in Minsk on October 17-18

This time the international Crypto Games Conference will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The second international conference for crypto games developers will gather 600 professionals from 25 countries. More than 100 game projects will be presented, and DApp games will get unique opportunities. 60+ speakers, only most topical talks. CGC Awards, CGC Showcase, CGC Big Pitch, new format of networking Pitch and Match and much more at a two-day summit.

4 main directions:

  • Crypto Games

The leading developers will reveal their strategies, tactics and secrets of business and marketing in crypto games, as well as analysis, post-release reviews, and post-mortems of their games and services.

  • Crypto gaming services

The speakers are the leading developers of gaming services who will hold talks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies usage in services as well as their impact on the global gaming industry.

  • Gaming

The heads of the companies will share their experience in integration of cryptocurrencies, as well as in creation of new services in the gaming industry.

  • Crypto funds and platforms

The key crypto funds will attend the conference to discover new, high potential projects and their teams.

Apart from many innovations it presents, this time the conference also hosts the first ever Awards Ceremony for best games based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The ceremony is held on October 18, it announces winners in five nominations.
Best Crypto Game
Best Game on WAVES Platform
Best Crypto Game Service
Best Crypto iGaming Project
CGC Choice

Everyone can apply online by filling in this form:

Crypto game, service, gambling project using smart contracts or cryptocurrencies/tokens
Product version on the alpha/beta stage.

More information available here.

If you develop games based on the WAVES Platform, there is a special nomination for you. To participate, the game should use Waves smart contract (for example, for random generation) or Waves tokens, or both.

Complete rules in English can be found here.

See you in Minsk! And remember: developers don’t even have to come to Minsk to receive an award from WAVES if they are nominated.



17 Oct 2018 - 18 Oct 2018


All of the day


cryptocurrency conference


Minsk, Belarus