European Parliament Bill: Facebook and Youtube will be Fined for Ignoring “Dangerous” Content
If the bill enters into force, in case of detection of violations, companies such as Facebook and YouTube will be fined with 4% of an organization’s total turnover. The European Parliament has drafted a bill obliging technology giants to remove terrorist content within an hour after its detection by the competent authorities. This is stated in a press release published on the website of the European Parliament. Such actions are aimed primarily at combating terrorist content to be publicly distributed throughout the entire territory of the European Union. In addition to the imposition of fines, providers who systematically violate the law can oblige to regularly report on the content they provide to the authorities.
“Once an internet company hosting content uploaded by users (like Facebook or YouTube) that offers their services in the EU has received a removal order from the competent national authority, they will have one hour to do so”, the press release says.
The document also notes that such companies are obliged to individually monitor the information they publish on their platforms. It should be noted that the law, which fate will be determined next week by a vote of members of parliament, does not apply to educational and journalistic content about terrorism. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: