European Parliament Adopted a New Copyright Law
Recently, MEPs approved a directive concerning the regulation of rules in the digital market. It is about intellectual property right protection. The corresponding announcement was published on the official microblog of EU Parliament on Twitter. It should be noted that 348 deputies voted “For”, 274 deputies voted “Against”, and 36 parliamentarians abstained. According to the bill, such giants as YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. will have to share profits with journalists, musicians, performers and other authors of unique content. Payment for the use of intellectual property should be made for the so-called “snippets” (fragments of the source text) which will be published on various online platforms. New internet platforms and non-commercial sites (Wikipedia, etc.) will not have to pay the authors. Representatives of technological companies feared the bill as they assumed it would affect the memes and Internet pictures. But the EU Parliament promised that memes will not be included in this directive. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: