POW mining ETH will be profitable until mid-September

The developers of the Ethereum blockchain project have announced that they do not plan to introduce a “difficulty bomb” in the summer. This means that ETH miners have an additional 2.5-3 months for POW mining.

This week, the creators of the cryptocurrency have merged with the Ropsten test network. However, the price of ETH is in a steep decline and the market situation has not improved after technological changes. Therefore, it was decided not to take risks and postpone major blockchain updates until mid-September.

Not all developers are happy with this decision. According to Ben Edgington, it is sad to realize that every 7 days, POW mining on the Ethereum blockchain generates a huge amount of CO2.

At the same time, it is also reported that the full transition to the new network will take place no earlier than October-November 2022. Until that time, mining will gradually become more and more unprofitable from an economic point of view.

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