Glassnode: 4 Out Of 5 ETH Coins Are Profitable

Glassnode, a reputable analytical agency informs: more than 80% of Ethereum's market supply holders remain profitable, despite a huge price rollback in January 2018.

Third time since historic high

The Glassnode study tells the ETH profitability reaches such values for the third time after 2017. The last time that the return on investment in ETH far exceeded 80% was fixed at a price of $700 per coin.

Crypto rally in June 2019

Just a year ago, in June 2019, Ethereum's profitability was also 80%, but then the market price of one coin was $360. As of this writing, the Ethereum rate is $243.

What does it mean?

Glassnode analysts calculate as follows: coins with the market value at the time of the last move was lower than the current one, are considered profitable.

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