Ethereum launches Shadow-fork-3

Another shadow fork is being launched on the Ethereum network. It will copy the current blockchain in its current state, and then it will be used for network forking and internal tests.

Despite the fact that the full transition from POW to POS has been delayed, developers continue to move along the Ethereum roadmap. Now the project is at the stage of the Kiln testnet and the launch of shadow forks.



The developers have prepared 2 nodes: Raspberry_Pi with Geth and Nimbus, as well as several validators to run. With Shadow-fork-3 running entirely like the mainnet, developers will be able to test any updates while making improvements.


Developers during the launch of Shadow-fork-2

According to public information, everyone who wants to work in public test networks and use clients will take part in testing. Upon completion of this stage, developers will be able to plan the date for the implementation of the next step - the implementation of Merge.

Given the pace of implementation of updates, it is possible that the transition to a new mining algorithm will not take place in August, as some developers previously said, but in mid-June - early July. There may also be another shady fork #4 ahead.

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