Ethereum crossed the $1000 barrier

On Sunday, January 3, 2021, the second most important cryptocurrency gained $1,000, adding 30% in less than a day

We have already written about a significant increase in the price of cryptocurrency. ETH climbed to $985 after consolidating several days. Then there was a sharp spike and the price passed the upper resistance level and traded at $1005.

This price did not stay as long as we would like. Selling pressure forced the price of the cryptocurrency to roll back, but still its growth in a 24-hour period exceeded 28%.

Analysts expect the trend to continue, as the attention of institutional investors is drawn not only to bitcoins, but also to other cryptocurrencies in general.

At the same time, over $1000 cryptocurrency will be able to gain a foothold for a long time. Indeed, according to transaction history, the selling pressure above $1,000 is negligible.

It is possible that the next level of resistance could be the figure of 1200-1300 dollars. And from there, it's just a stone's throw to the historic high of $1,450.