ETH 2.0 staking on Kraken attracts over 250,000 users

To date, the contract for placing on the ETH 2.0 network contains more than two million ETH. The Kraken team told about it

The exchange, which processes 1.5 billion trading volume daily, has more than 250,000 users earning on ETH 2.0 staking. The number of coins in the placement contract is estimated at $ 200 million.

The minimum stake for staking is 32 ETH. Investment refers to medium-term investments. ETH 2.0 users will not be able to access, withdraw or trade their tokens until the next launch phase.

Recall that Ethereum 2.0 is an update to the Ethereum network that changes the protocol for adding new blocks to the blockchain. The transition will be made from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Mining will become more economical. You don't need to waste a lot of electricity. This is very important for the growth of DeFi and other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.