Ex-Government Regulator of the USA Is Sure that Ethereum and Ripple Will Be Requalified into Secret Actions
In the opinion of former partner of Goldman Sachs and the US government regulator Gary Gensler, Ethereum and Ripple will soon have the status of private shares, according to Cointelegraph. After finishing his career at Goldman Sachs, Gensler headed the position of the leading financial regulator in the administration of ex-US President Barack Obama, and also in 2016 served as the head of the finance department of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Gensler does not consider Bitcoin an action, justifying this view by the fact that the digital currency was not released during the Initial coin offering (ICO). At the same time, Gensler said that for Ethereum and Ripple "there is a rather high probability of becoming officially registered shares, mainly for Ripple." In response to their efforts towards regulating the crypto markets, Gensler said:
“2018 is going to be a very interesting time. Over 1,000 previously issued initial coin offerings, and over 100 exchanges that offer I.C.O.s [sic], are going to need to sort out how to come into compliance with U.S. securities law.”
The head of the Ethereum Foundation Aya Miyaguchi made a statement that the fund is unable to regulate the issuance of the digital currency Ethereum, and also has a small number of cryptocurrency assets, compared with other members of the ecosystem. Gensler responded to the message by saying that the Ethereum Foundation was selling cryptocurrencies until 2014. This, in his opinion, is worth considering, having previously classified Ethereum as an "action". Rumpple's spokesman Tom Channick could not ignore the situation. He is sure that it is not appropriate to define Ripple as an "action", since the cryptocurrency asset excludes the deduction of a certain percentage to its owners. There is an XRP asset outside Ripple, which was developed long before the company's work. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark