Ethereum 2.0 to Pass a Security Audit Soon
One of the developers of the Ethereum Foundation team, Danny Ryan informed about a comprehensive security audit of the eth2 core Phase 0 scheduled in February next year. According to the developer, during the audit, they will be focused on the susceptibility of the new system to DoS attacks, resource abuse, which in turn can cause unintentional hard forks and other weak points of the system. A new version of eth2 will be released just before the audit “Eth2 spec version v0.9.3 released, stabilizing core spec. v0.10.0 release scheduled for January to integrate new BLS standards” Also, Danny Ryan says that the team has every chance to launch a test network that will support various clients this winter. It is important to understand that the process of testing a deposit contract will take about three months, so we should not expect for the main network of Ethereum 2.0 until the middle of summer next year. Earlier we wrote that one of the developers suggested launching the Ethereum 2.0 main network on the fifth birthday of the project - July 30, 2020.