Ether Takes over Bitcoin Popularity among Top Bankers
The success of blockchain-based financial models starts attracting attention of banks top-management. Michael McGovern, Managing Director and Head of Investor Services at one of the oldest american private banks Brown Brothers Harriman & Co expressed his interest in Ether digital currency.
«If you compare ETH and BTC there is no doubt that Ether is better. It is not that expensive as mining requires less power. Ether is not only cheaper than bitcoin but also is more sustainable. It can represent virtual assets and allow to introduce certificates and contracts» - said Michael
This comment reflects the attitude of many cryptocurrency market players towards Ether, thus, Mgt Capital started mining this digital currency. Ethereum retained its price relative to Bitcoin, although the volatility has increased within the last month. Despite significant market fluctuations and occasional speculations, the cryptocurrency continues to maintain and gain its popularity.