Nvidia habló sobre los ingresos récord para el año

Nvidia talked about record revenues but remains convinced that they were primarily generated by gamers, not miners, and the increased demand for digital currencies.

According to representatives of Nvidia, Sales growth amounted to 84%. Despite the fact that the industry has faced a critical shortage of conductors over the past year. The company's profit exceeded even the expectations of the world's financiers. Revenue exceeded $5.65 billion and earnings of more than $3.60 per share, with industry experts' preliminary forecast of $3.20 per share and projected revenues of $5.40 billion.

Nvidia noted that demand from gamers for their products doubled over the year, resulting in an increase of 106% and sales of $2.76 billion. The company's graphics segment revenue hit the $3.45 billion mark, up 81% from the previous year.

At the same time, the demand for video cards from the miners, according to the management, "put" in the pocket of Nvidia only $155 million in sales. They also emphasised that it is “difficult to determine” how much the demand for miners is tied to the success of selling GPUs.

Nvidia expects delay in supply to continue for several more months, after which the situation will begin to stabilise. Not least due to the fact that the company is striving to separate miners and gamers, creating lines of the latest generation of video cards with a “restriction” for mining. In addition, this year is expected to release a product created specifically for miners, the CMP chip.

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