La red de pagos Flexa apoyará a Dogecoin

The payment company followed its partner (Gemini) and opened support for DOGE. Now meme-cryptocurrency can be paid in 41,000 online stores

Running the DOGE payment was quite interesting. The Flexa team wrote on social media that it would introduce payment with Dogecoin if there were 1,000 reposts. This number was reached very quickly.

True to its word, the payment network fulfilled the promise. Today, YOU can pay with DOGE through the SPEDN wallet, available to U.S. residents from 2019.

In addition to meme cryptocurrencies, payment in popular stores is available using BTC, ETH, BTH and Gemini cryptocurrencies. Digital asset payments will soon be launched through Gemini Pay.

We think this news will be a great support for Dogecoin on its way to the cherished goal of 1 dollar.

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