Los gigantes tecnológicos chinos están interesados ​​en los metauniversos

Chinese media report that local companies are excited about the idea of ​​forming their own metaverses and are actively registering new trademarks related to the concept of games and social networks of the future.

According to QiChacha, which displays information about PRC companies, NetEase recently applied for three trademarks: “NetEase metaverse”, “Fuxi metaverse” and “Leihuo metaverse”. At the same time, Baidu has so far limited itself to only one “metapp”. Both companies are local tech giants. Baidu is responsible for China's most popular search engine, and NetEase is China's leading smartphone game publisher.

The total number of trademark registrations currently filed by companies has exceeded 3,700. Among the major market players, Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance have applied for their own metaverse-related brands. The latter also bought a VR headset maker Pico for $1.39 billion, and Tencent has been eyeing games with elements of virtual universes for a long time. For example, it acts as a distributor of the Roblox metaverse sandbox in the PRC.

The administrations of the Chinese exchanges are also interested in various materials on the metaverses. Some, according to cryptanalysts, are interested in them, trying to understand whether it is possible to carry out “gray” financial schemes with various currencies through virtual worlds.

The Beijing authorities, in turn, are already worried about the situation and are trying to study whether the meta-universes threaten the country's political structure. This was reported by the National Security Agency of China, publishing the relevant material with a warning, similar to what the service previously issued about the "danger" of the NFT.

In early autumn, brokers from CITIC Securities in their research report presented their own forecast for the metaverses. According to him, this concept will enter the active stage of study by techno giants for the next 3-5 years, and 20 years later it may already resemble a “way of life” for many modern people.

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