ahora puede admitir direcciones SegWit

Developers have updated the software, and now the wallet supports SegWit addresses

Considering that more than 70% of Bitcoin transactions are on SegWit every day, this is good news for all users.

The update was published on GitHub and other changes include SegWit. With its help, the developers have added to the source code of the project a list of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that support addresses of this type.

Recall that the technology SegWit was introduced on Blockchain 4 years after its official launch. However, it wasn't just the developers of the wallet that took so long to add it.

Many projects, including the BitMEX exchange, have added it in the last year. In 2018, 12th months after the launch, these addresses accounted for less than 45%.

According to the developers of BitMEX, the reason is the conservatism of crypto exchanges. Any new technology should first be studied and tested in practice, and implemented afterwords.

Fortunately, by 2021 the situation has changed, and the adoption of SegWit has become higher.

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