Alipay se unirá a las pruebas de CBDC en China

Alipay to introduce limited digital yuan acceptance as part of CBDC testing

According to the May 10 information, the mobile platform will join six state banks and many private companies engaged in testing electronic payments with the help of CBDC.

As part of the test, you will be able to link your Mybank account to a digital yuan app. It will be possible to pay the national digital currency in online stores for goods and services.

Recall that the testing of CBDC is carried out, thanks to the agreement reached between the owner of Alipay the company Ant Group, and the People's Bank of China.

Ant Group has a controlling stake in The largest Chinese online bank Mybank. With it, you can conveniently pay on the Internet in a non-cash way. Therefore, the regulator's interest in cooperation in the joint testing is understandable.

Ant Group and the Central Bank of China have been cooperating since 2017. Information appeared online that applications related to digital yuan were developed using ready-made Ant Group developments.

Interestingly, MYbank's competitor, Tencent's WeBank, has not yet joined the testing of the Chinese CBDC, although the soon-to-be-tested tests were announced as early as February 2021.

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