El padre recibió una donación de $ 800,000 a BTC. Cape Cod

The charitable donation came from Massachusetts. To get it, Cape Cod Hospital opened a cryptocurrency account

The philanthropist, who has been helping the hospital for years, has asked Cape Cod Healthcare to open a cryptocurrency account in 2021. Then he made two transactions. One in January (February 28, 2021) and the other in February.

Both transactions were within a month of the hospital's accepting the cryptocurrency. According to the hospital's spokesman Christopher Lawson, this is not the first time the charity has helped the hospital. However, he had previously contributed money in cash.

In mid-January, he sent an email asking if the hospital had the ability to accept a donation in Bitcoins. Representatives of the hospital for a couple of weeks studied this aspect and came to the conclusion that donations in Bitcoins - is not so bad.

Transfers to the hospital account can be carried out by zR code. The hospital has introduced a mandatory rule for cryptocurrency donations. BTC immediately after receipt converted into fiat currency.

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