Filipino compró 2 casas con ingresos de Axie Infinity

The success story of a Filipino, who bought 2 houses for income from the game Axie Infinity, shocked the Internet. It puts an end to the debate on whether it is possible to make big money by playing cryptocurrency games

Twenty-two-year-old John Aaron Ramos plays Axie Infinity as "Magnus TV". This cheerful young man wrote in May in the social network Fb that he became the owner of two houses at once. He managed to earn money for their purchase by playing Axie Infinity.

In his post, Ramos admitted that his capital increased significantly when the SLP in-game token rose by 1040% from April 24 to May 2. The price of the coin at the beginning of this period was $0.035, and then rose to $0.364. Later the token fell in price, and now trades at $0.19.

According to the successful gamer, he played his favorite game every day and accumulated funds. He believed that together with AXIE he would be able to achieve good prospects. Hold and also earned an SLP to raise enough money.

SLP's earnings in this game are realized by the battles of the participants in a special playing area. Ramos exhibited his game character, eerily similar to Pokemon, against other Axies. He was accompanied by luck, and he managed to save good money.

Currently, the SLP token is in 488th place in the Cryptocurrency TOR CoinMarketCap. The capitalization of the project is $81 billion.

Also, players in Axie Infinity can earn AXS project management tokens. They also rose well in half a year (0.14-7.30 dollars). The increase was 5214.29%.



Recall that crypto games in the Philippines became popular last year, when the pandemic dramatically raised the unemployment rate. Filipinos were looking for where to earn money, and cryptocurrency games became a great alternative for them.

By the way, Ramos, by his admission, participated in a sponsorship program to increase the adoption of Axie infinity. He gave Axie characters to players from countries where the cost of buying them was too high for potential users.

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