La fiscalía holandesa incautó 360 millones de dólares en efectivo y criptomonedas para 2020

The Dutch authorities seized more than $360 million in cash and cryptocurrency equivalent in 2020. Law enforcement agencies shared these statistics in their official statement.

According to the Dutch ministry, they managed to seize more than $10 million in digital currencies. Basically, this money was stored in Bitcoins and other coins popular on the market.

They decided to compare the statistics with an even earlier period of 2019, revealing that the situation for 2020 has only worsened. Over the same period of time in 2019, a total of $312 million was withdrawn. Speaking specifically about the confiscated volume of cryptocurrencies, in 2019 it amounted to $1.3 million, which is almost 8 times less than the current figure.

The Dutch prosecutor said that most of the illegal funds in Bitcoins were in the wallets of the so-called “whales”. With this, the prosecutor argued for such a rapid growth of the "crypto indicator". In October 2020 alone, the Dutch public prosecutor's office arrested 2,500 BTC in the case of several scammers from Hilversum. As a result, both were charged with money laundering in the amount of 19 million.

The prosecutor stressed that although digital currencies are becoming the main link in many chains for money laundering, the numbers make it clear that most of all scammers still love cash.

The main difference in the work of Dutch law enforcement agencies is the speed of converting digital currencies to fiat. While other countries hold the seized currency pending a court verdict, the Netherlands immediately converts the cryptocurrency into euros. They use a similar approach in relation to all types of other currencies. According to representatives of the local prosecutor's office, they do not want anyone to get the impression that the department is speculating in criminal assets.

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