En Noruega, la actividad de presentación de declaraciones de impuestos se redujo en un 50%

Norwegian Tax Office reminds crypto investors about the need to voluntarily declare their profits for 2020 until the end of April

The authorities note the low activity of filing declarations this year. According to officials, in 2020 for the previous reporting period 235,000 people noted in the declarations that they profited from cryptocurrencies. This year this figure has fallen almost 50 times. Only 4,700 people declared income from transactions with cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, the tax office reminds that income should be declared annually. All those who voluntarily do not declare their profits will be subject to fine sledgehammers.

Also, tax officials remind that crypto is not anonymous. The agency tracks the data of thousands of people who have reported their income inaccurately in the past. Therefore, no one will escape from responsibility.

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