Los impuestos de Suiza se pueden pagar con criptomonedas

The canton in Switzerland has introduced payment of taxes using cryptocurrencies. Soon the project will be launched in the remaining 25 cantons of the state

The program is implemented with the help of Bitcoin Suisse. The innovative solution will expand opportunities for taxpayers. They don't have to exchange before paying taxes. Now the costs can be paid without losses due to price volatility through cryptobroker.

Bitcoin Suisse will allow exchange transactions between BTC and ETH and the Swiss franc (the country's national currency). This is an important step forward to the introduction of cryptocurrencies in all sectors of everyday life.

It should be reminded that the canton of Zug was chosen for a reason. Previously, he was involved in the promotion of blockchain projects. For example, from 2016, residents of the region can pay for utilities with cryptocurrency.

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