Mongolia Interior propone poner en lista negra a los mineros

DRC of Inner Mongolia proposed to blacklist the miners in China's Social Credit system.

It became the 1st region of China that react to a signal from the State Council to tighten rules related to digital currency mining in the country. Beijing itself has added mining to the list of "risky areas" that it will closely observe.

A week earlier, DRC created a separate platform for responsible citizens to report suspicious activity potentially related to cryptocurrency mining in the region. But now the actions of the authorities are becoming more radical in relation to miners.

From now on, in the event of a violation of the law, as a preventive measure, the miner will be restricted in access to economic products, travel industry, and dozens of other important aspects of daily life that are affected by the Chinese “Social Credit” system.

The commission's brief states that this penalty will be implemented not only to specific people but also to firms. In addition, DRC has issued a list of measures and those organisations in respect of which they will be applied:

  1. Industrial data centers and industrial parks providing energy and rental space for digital currency mining businesses.
  2. Removal of all political benefits for data centers and cloud providers involved in mining.
  3. Communication and internet companies involved in cryptocurrency mining.
  4. Internet cafes deliberately involved in mining.
  5. Any company supplying electricity to miners without regulatory approval.
  6. Legal entities and individuals involved in the illegal extraction of tokens for the purpose of money laundering.
  7. Any legal entity and individual involved in the use of digital currencies for the purpose of collecting funds without the supervision of special bodies.
  8. Corporations and their personnel, using their special position to protect the activities of miners or even personally involved in the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

It is not known whether the rest of China's provinces will follow suit. But if the rules become so strict, miners are not in vain selecting new countries to continue their "business".

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