Se pide a Gary Gensler que retire la demanda de la SEC contra Ripple

A petition appeared on the network asking Gary Gensler and the US regulator SEC to abandon the litigation with Ripple.

The petition was sponsored by Thomas Hodge, one of Ripple's defenders. He asked for an investigation into what led to the lawsuit against Ripple, which was filed on the last day of Jay Clayton (Ex-SEC's former). In addition, the letter states that the organisation's representatives William Hinman, and Jay Clayton showed a common interest in cryptocurrencies in China.

Thomas Hodge asked Gensler to hold a meeting with XRP's holders and other cryptocurrency assets to find out, whose interests the SEC was trying to protect by filing a lawsuit in 2020. Is it the retail investors or specific Government officials. According to Hodge the future SEC chairman should not choose the winner and the loser in litigation using a “regulatory vacuum”.

The legal war between the US regulator and the california-based startup has really dragged on and has been going on since december 2020. We hope that with the arrival of Gensler they will reach a consensus or at least mutual understanding between the belligerent parties.

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