Gran Bretaña prohíbe los anuncios de criptomonedas

Bitcoin ads were banned in Britain on the grounds that they misled retirees.

With the development of the cryptoindustry, the number of bans associated with it also grows. The main reason for this is unscrupulous people who use cryptocurrencies to deceive ordinary people.

One of the areas where more and more often it was possible to notice something about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies was advertising. But she, however, like everything else, also obeys the legislation of the country, whose inhabitants are shown it. Many conflicts sometimes arise on this basis. One of them happened in the UK.

The British advertising standards agency has filed a complaint against advertising for the very real cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor. In the video of the project, aimed at retirees, they said that there was no money in the bank, recommending that they turn their savings into cryptocurrency. An elderly woman from the TV screen suggested that viewers divide their pension into three parts, investing equal amounts of money in gold, silver and bitcoins.

To say that the lady is wrong in terms of investment is difficult. But the problem is that she strongly recommended the Coinfloor Autobuy service for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Which attracted the attention of the relevant services.

The complaint about the advertisement said that the British Coinfloor, like the crypto market itself, remains unregulated, therefore, it does not justify and does not give a complete picture of the risks associated with investing in bitcoins. One of them is the potential loss of capital.

Coinfloor stated that the ads do not reflect their opinion and only contain the point of view of their client. The disclaimer agreement, according to Coinfloor representatives, provides comprehensive information about the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.

As a result, the British authorities have demanded that Coinfloor stop misleading consumers by suspending advertising. Now, the company not only has no right to name cryptocurrencies as a safe investment vehicle, but must also include a disclaimer with a note that the value of cryptocurrencies can plummet and they are not regulated in the UK.

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