Will Elon Musk repetirá el triste destino de John McAfee

Everyone knows how tremulous Elon Musk refers to DOGE. Posts about this cryptocurrency appear on Twitter with enviable regularity

In January, there were ten times more of them. Musk bought the crypt for his son. Tesla bought Bitcoin for $1.5 billion. All this news began to be discussed by masses on Twitter. The price of Bitcoin and Dogecoin rose sharply as a result.

For example, a post about Toddler-Hodler (a nickname that Musk gave his son) raised the price of DOGE by 18%. The coin reached ATH at $0.081. Elon Musk pamp Bitcoin, posting #bitcoin in his Twitter profile. And this is only a small fraction of the examples.

In legal terms, everything the head of Tesla does is a pump of cryptocurrencies. That's why we called him MrElonPump. We are sure that the SEC has not left this fact unattended either. All of Musk's Twitter activities are very similar to what John McAfee did at the time. We all know what fate he suffered in 2020.

Let's hope the SEC doesn't decide that Musk's work is similar to that of an unregistered broker. And he won't be charged with violating the Advertising Act.

By the way, Musk has already come into sec's sights with his tweets. In 2018, his account announced his intention to buy back Tesla shares for $420.

Immediately after that, the value of securities on the market increased by 11 percent. According to the court decision, the head of Tesla left the post of head of the board of directors for three years and paid a fine of $20 million.

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