Paris Hilton invierte en bitcoin

Now no one will be surprised that famous personalities invest in Bitcoin. One of the investors is Paris Hilton. In a recent interview, she admitted that her crypto portfolio has BTC

Hilton said Bitcoin is the future. She has invested in the first cryptocurrency and believes it is right. Paris Hilton also has experience with NFT.

She was, in fact, the first among the stars to join this technology. It's about launching NFT with a cat selfie that Paris launched in August 2020.

The lot with NFT was sold for 40 ETH. At that time, the cryptocurrency was valued at $17,000. Hilton donated the funds to charity.

It also plans to release NFT in 2021. She wrote about it on her Twitter account. She'll probably be able to raise a couple of million for her new project. Another Twitter user with the nickname Kim Dotcom is sure of this.



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