Mila Kunis y Ashton Kutcher han estado invirtiendo en bitcoin durante 8 años

The popular actress said that she and her husband are long-time investors in Bitcoin. At first she thought it was a terrible idea, but now she’s so glad that she was wrong

In a recent interview, Kunis explained that her husband was investing in their family. He skillfully directs funds, makes sure that they bring income, and puts it on notice of what is happening with the money.

The pair have been together since 2012. As Mila Kunis admits, her husband knows perfectly well when you don't have to listen to his wife. At the beginning of their communication Kutcher drew her attention to Bitcoins. And when she said it was the worst thing in the world, Kutcher said, "Cool, we're putting money into it.

As Mila now says, he was totally right. They bought Bitcoins eight years ago. And she says she's never been happier she was wrong.

By the way, according to the actress, she had the same attitude to Uber and Airbnb. However, now she actively uses both. And cryptocurrencies have seriously multiplied the fees it received!

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