Los 3 hombres más ricos de México agregaron #Bitcoin en Twitter

The hashtags began appearing on Twitter #Bitcoin in account profiles. The example of Elon Musk was followed by the Mexican rich Ricardo Salinas Pliego with a capital of 13.7 billion dollars

Today on his Twitter account we noticed the inscription "Mexican businessman #Bitcoin." Looks like it's become mainstream. At least for one more billionaire.

By the way, Pliego did not come to Bitcoin yesterday. In 2020, he shared with the public that he transferred ten percent of his capital to cryptocurrency.

He also became famous for the fact that last year he released a video in which he burns thousands of banknotes (Venezuelan bolivars), saying that they will still eat inflation.

There are other popular and rich people demonstrating interest in Bitcoin. For example, Russell Okung (Carolina Panthers). He also often writes about Bitcoin on Twitter.

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