Los pagos anónimos son una amenaza para el estadounidense promedio

A recent survey of U.S. citizens showed that in the eyes of many of them, the image of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market is spoiled by attackers. More than 40% of those surveyed considered cryptocurrencies a suitable form for making payments, and 90% of them are concerned that digital currencies can be successfully used for money laundering.

Burglars deploy large-scale ransomware inside state and local structures. Not to mention cases where cybercriminals have blocked businesses around the world with such software, causing millions of dollars to be lost. At the same time, the attacks do not carry a political or ideological character - they banally need money in cryptocurrency equivalent.

According to a report published by IBM, 1,600 American schools have already been victims. Some of them have been repeatedly attacked. But the real headache hackers are for important sites, such as Government offices and hospitals, where the correct operation of equipment is especially important.

The U.S. regulator considers anonymous payments a threat to the average American and seeks to establish close supervision over the digital currencies that crypto-exchanges operate. Thus, putting pressure on countries where cybercriminals feel at home.

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