Hace 10 años, Satoshi Nakamoto dejó el último mensaje

Exactly 10 years passed from the day when personality identified by the world as Satoshi Nakamoto mailed his last message. In it, he turned to his “colleagues in the shop”, making it clear that from now on he was busy with “other projects”.

Since then, from the field of “mysticism” and “the lot of small enthusiasts,” Bitcoin has turned not only into the main digital currency on the market but also into a symbol of hope for changing the imperfection of the existing global financial system, freeing it from the shackles of regulators. However, many departments are still trying to prevent Bitcoin from doing so.

One of the first miners, Dustin D. Trammell, suggested that Satoshi was trying to solve not so much the technical problem of the economy as its social component. In the 2009 year, Satoshi shared his opinion on the P2P Foundation forum that the main dilemma with traditional money is the assurance needed for the entire system to run. Confidence in central banks can devalue money at any moment. Besides, history knows many cases when this very trust turned out to be fatal.

In addition to the social effect, the creator of Bitcoin was very concerned about the aspect of the anonymity and security of the system. According to some developers, it was because of this that Nakamoto was inclined to integrate his own small updates and software patches. Over the course of a couple of months, he became literally obsessed with the thought of how to make everything related to cryptocurrencies at the software level as secure as possible. Apparently, at some point, Satoshi sadly accepted the fact that Bitcoin is vulnerable to attacks by malefactors and after that spent most of the time workeding hard to close this exploit.

The last news that the father of Bitcoin "left" his brainchild was the removal of his name from the software copyright statement. Thus, Nakamoto actually passed his code and everything related to Bitcoin into the hands of “followers”.

Much time has passed since then. The concept received such development and recognition that Satoshi Nakamoto himself could hardly have dreamed of. Perhaps, after some time, we will still find out who that stranger was who gave the world the “new financial order” and “digital gold”, or maybe not. But hardly anyone dares to challenge the fact that this man has earned a place of honor in the history of mankind and forever changed the idea of ​​the future of the financial system.

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