Visa prueba los pagos en USDC

Visa's international payment system is ready to make calculations in the equivalent of USDC stablecoins. It has already launched a test program in partnership with the cryptocurrency platform and Anchorage Bank, and by the end of 2021 intends to offer its services to even more partners.

In fact, to date Visa has become the first major payment network to use stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain for currency settlements.

Jack Forestell, Visa's Product Director, noted that with the arrival of Stablecoins as a means of payment, a whole new period of the company begins in its ability to meet the needs of fintech representatives who manage their own business with the help of cryptocurrencies.

As part of the test, sent a payment to an Anchorage account on behalf of Visa in the USDC equivalent, and the experiment was successful.

According to Diogo Monica, president of Anchorage Bank, Visa came to them with the idea of safe payments in cryptocurrencies back in 2019. Since then, they have worked out this issue and are happy to finally present this opportunity to their partners, and in the future even more customers.

The digital currencies of central banks are not in vain interesting to the largest payment system. In fact, when working with stablecoins supported by the world's central banks, Visa uses the same fiat only digitally. And given that today more than 80% of the world's central banks are already puzzled by the release of their own cryptocurrency, the company's idea will grow over time.

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