PayPal permitirá el retiro de criptomonedas a billeteras de terceros

Having made the withdrawal of cryptocurrency, PayPal will increase the functionality of its platform. After all, at the moment there is no possibility of withdrawal of cryptocurrencies

According to the Vice President of PayPal, the company wants to give its customers the opportunity to choose and maximise options. Therefore, it was decided to start developing the cryptocurrency withdrawal function.

New options are introduced by the company every couple of months. However, it is not yet known how long this development will take. However, after the announcement of this in social networks there were many positive responses.

But rumors about the launch of PayPalCoin did not come true. It is too early to launch a stablecoin, the representative of the company said. But PayPal is ready to cooperate with central banks of different countries to support the launch of CBDC.

The main problem with most banks is the lack of coverage of the population. Even in the U.S., there are regions where there are no physical bank branches at all.

Receiving in the mail cheques for incentive payments, people were forced to go to a nearby town to withdraw money in the bank branch. With the launch of THE CBDC, the situation will change radically.

PayPal is ready to help the banks and the payment giant already has the infrastructure to make payments by digital assets available to all comers.

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