La corona sueca digital no debería esperarse antes de 2022

Swedes will continue to explore the benefits of CBDC until 2022. The central bank of the country is interested in the national cryptocurrency

The pilot product "e-krona" is sold in conjunction with Accenture. The process is going well. Sweden hopes to solve the cash problem, which the Central Bank calls "cash marginalisation" with the help of this project

So far, little is known about the digital krona. Work on its creation will last until February 2022. Developers have the task of improving functionality and automation to better adapt users.

Last year, a document mentioning the R3 Corda blockchain was leaked to the press. It will probably become the basis for the national cryptocurrency. This is not surprising, because this blockchain is often used to introduce serious technological solutions.

Access to Corda can be accessed by invite code. So, the number of blockchain users will be limited. Many of them will have access to the CBDC blockchain during the pilot period and will participate in the tests.

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