Las criptomonedas ayudarán a las víctimas en Texas

An incident in Texas last month scared many residents who didn't face such vagaries of the weather

Texas is usually warm in winter. If it's snowing, it's not as much as it is in 2021. Severe storms in winter are rare. So when a week-long storm hit recently, the authorities were unprepared.

There were no people and no means to clear the snow, sprinkle the street with salt, repair the bursting water supply and restore the electricity supply. The situation was aggravated by the flooding of many houses, the interruption of the delivery to the shops of the most necessary.

Now that the temperature has normalised, many residents of Texas are on the verge of bankruptcy because of the troubles that fell on them. Cryptocurrency donations can be a great solution to the problem of aid organisation.

In the capital of Texas, the local organisation ADRN organised the reception of donations in cryptocurrency. You can help the victims of the winter storm by listing BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, zec, GUSD, BAT, LINK, zRX, STORJ, DAI, AMP.

For a week, donations in cryptocurrency for 700 dollars were received. This is very little on the general background. With all the donations, ADRN has helped more than 1,000 families, but another 4,000 families are in need of help. The money is spent on the purchase of prepaid Visa gift cards.

Donations in cryptocurrency for Texas are collected through Giving Block. Companies and people making donations can choose both fiat and cryptocurrency. The more payments, the better the opportunity to help the victims.

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