La CBDC china no será completamente anónima

The digital yuan cannot be 100% confidential. This was stated by the People's Bank of China

Combating terrorist financing and money laundering does not contribute to 100% of the ANONYMITY of the CBDC. Controlled anonymity is needed. This was announced on March 20 by an official of the Central Bank within the framework of the China Development Forum.

The authorities are ready to compromise. Despite the standard requirements for financial systems, the Central Bank of China ensures that users will have a high degree of protection of personal information among payment platforms.

Personal data security and privacy will be higher than that of WeChat and Alipay. The digital yuan will not be associated with banking platforms and it will have two KYC levels.

You can use the digital yuan anonymously for small payments. The user will have a wallet and a cell phone number to confirm transactions.

In this case, the bank and operating institutions will not receive private information about the user, as cellular operators cannot disclose the data to third parties. Thus, wallets within the minimum limit will be completely anonymous.

Large payments will require personal data registration. Updating your profile data will increase payment limits.

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