China Mobile e ICBC presentan la billetera móvil RMB

The Chinese telecommunications giant China Mobile, in cooperation with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), presented users with a software wallet for the digital yuan.

The PRC began to study the CBDC issue back in 2014 when many states had not even thought about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Many “colleagues” of the People's Bank of China, represented by global financial regulators, joined the race for digital currencies of central banks only in 2020, and some have not yet decided whether they need a national token.

Now that the digital yuan has been tested as a means of payment for various services, and the user base of the official e-CNY application has grown to 140 million people, it is time to "grow" with mobile infrastructure. Following the example of WeChat, which allows its users to make instant money transfers to each other in messenger mode, China Mobile and ICBC decided to offer similar functionality, but with a digital yuan. Users of their new wallet already have access to transfer and receive funds in the equivalent of e-CNY, check balances, pay bills and perform dozens of other functions using the chat window.

According to Statista, Alipay now has a base of 700 million consumers, and WeChat Pay has surpassed 900 million long ago. These numbers are becoming a tasty morsel for companies looking to take the helm of mobile applications involving e-CNY, making it easier to interact with the national token. In addition, due to the prevalence of the WeChat Pay system, most of the citizens are already accustomed to this payment format.

China Mobile and ICBC are inviting users to try out digital RMB transfers through their Message over 5G wallet. It is a modernized text messaging that allows you to send not only text but any other content to your contacts. In addition to China Mobile, it is supported by other tele-giants of the country, China Unicom and China Telecom. The function itself is only available on some devices so far, although local media say it will roll out on a large scale this month.

Meanwhile, residents of 9 major cities in China have already received full access to the national e-CNY wallet, and by mid-July, the turnover of transactions involving the digital yuan exceeded 34.5 billion yuan (about $5.3 billion).

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