El exjefe del intercambio de cifrado ruso Wex fue detenido en el aeropuerto de Varsovia

Dmitry Vasiliev, the ex-head of the crypto exchange Wex, known as BTC-e until 2017, was captured by the Polish police at the Warsaw airport. This was proclaimed by the Russian service of the BBC.

Cryptoсurrency exchange Wex is widely recognized as a shadow trading platform that allows you to launder funds obtained in the course of cryptographic hacks and other illegal activities. One of the most high-profile cases in which a trial was found leading to this platform was the Mt.Gox episode.

Under Polish jurisdiction, Vasiliev is supposedly righteous, but he was charged with fraud in Kazakhstan. One of Wex's investors had previously filed a complaint with local law enforcement agencies claiming $20,000 had been stolen from him by exchange executives. Therefore, at the moment, representatives of the countries are interested in a dialogue about the possible extradition of the ex-head of the crypto exchange. As it turned out, Vasiliev was arrested in August, but just yesterday news of this appeared in the local press Wyborcza.

Vasiliev is suspected of helping Chinese investors trade illegally obtained cryptocurrencies as an operator of BTC-e before its stop in 2017 after the commitment of the founder of the trading platform Alexander Vinnik. He was guilty of laundering more than $4 billion in BTC over six years. Earlier, Vinnik was detained in Greece and he became a defendant in the study of the US officials.

A couple of months passed from Vinnik's arrest, and the exchange underwent a “rebranding” and took a new name Wex, and Dmitry Vasiliev became its leader. The platform is firmly entrenched in the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges with a turnover of over $80M. But very soon Binance banned Wex for regular cash laundering, which subsequently led to its closure and the loss of $450 million from accounts.

In 2019, Vasiliev was first detained by the Italian police but was quickly freed due to an error in the extradition request for the businessman. Now he is in the Warsaw remand centre. The district court ordered his arrest for 40 days and is awaiting a decision by the prosecutor's office on possible extradition.

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