Coinbase explicó la causa de los problemas en 2 meses

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been working intermittently in the past two months. The stability of its operation was affected by the large number of registrations and compliance with recently introduced regulatory requirements

The speed of processing transactions has decreased, the number of services provided has decreased. Some clients also did not have full access to their accounts.

The operation of the crypto exchange was influenced by two factors at once:

  • A sharp increase in trading volumes and cryptocurrency market capitalization.
  • The emergence of new regulatory requirements.

Due to a sharp increase in the number of users, the exchange had to allow direct conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat in pairs (GBP / EUR), as well as withdrawals to PayPal. It is also planned to reduce the time to recover locked accounts.

As for the second reason, nothing can be done here. The exchange is forced to check some customers, collecting additional information about them. Until the information is processed, users will not be able to access the exchange.