Binance reanuda la retirada de pagos más rápidos en el Reino Unido

Binance has resumed the ability to remove funds through the Faster Payments system in the United Kingdom.

A few days ago, crypto exchange spokespeople informed their consumers that the withdrawal of funds through the Faster Payments system will be postponed because of maintenance. The announcement appeared shortly after the UK regulation organization FCA called on the largest crypto exchange to immediately stop its derivatives and securities actions in the UK. Such abrupt changes made many members of the crypto community nervous, signaling possible problems for the trading platform and its users in the future.

However, Reuters report says that withdrawals using Faster Payments, in parallel with the shopping of goods and services using bank cards, have resumed. According to them, "repression" by the FCA can't affect the access of British citizens to financial services.

In the meantime, the Binance team uploaded a remark to the British on their UK website that they would not be able to operate in Britain due to the lack of a license from the local authority. According to the information on the official website of the platform, the only exception among legal entities associated with the exchange was Binance Markets Limited.

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