2 grandes noticias de Binance: NFT más acciones tokenizadas

Crypto exchange Binance does not lag behind trends and launches the market of NFT and digital collectibles

The launch of the world's leading NFT product development platform is scheduled for June. Representatives of the company are sure that high liquidity and low commissions will attract a lot of users.

Since the launch of the service, millions of NFT customers on Binance Smart Chaine will be able to start selling and buying collectibles on the platform.

The service will be presented in two variants "Premium" and "Market." This will save time and allow users with minimal experience to quickly create NFT and benefit.

This is not the only news from Binance. The exchange adds tokenized shares of giants such as Apple (ticker symbol is AAPL), MicroStrategy (ticker is MSTR) and Microsoft (ticker is MSFT). This will also benefit the best trading experience for crypto exchange users.

MSTR shares have already been added. AAPL will be traded from April 28. MSFT shares will appear on the exchange on April 30. Tesla and Coinbase shares have already been added. Thus, on May 1, the exchange will trade the tokens of the five largest crypto and IT companies.

All tokens are provided with classic shares from the German group CM-Equity AG. Token holders will be able to claim dividends from the underlying shares. They can be traded during the official opening hours of traditional exchanges.

It is worth noting that the trade of tokenized shares is prohibited for China, Turkey, the U.S. and other regions with strict regulatory policies.

The British regulator FCA also spoke out against this investment instrument, saying that the tokens secured by shares and giving rights to dividends are securities.

However, Binance representatives responded in an email that the tokens are a CM-Equity product that is regulated in accordance with EU Mifid II and BaFin. And Binance is only a mediator.

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