Los inversores invierten 195 millones de dólares en Ethereum cada semana

Ethereum is not in vain called the second cryptocurrency. ETH raised more money in the first week of February than other representatives of the cryptosphere

We look at CoinShares and see that investors poured 195 million dollars into the cryptocurrency. In total, the cryptocurrency market was replenished with an additional 2.6 billion, which is a third of last year's investment of 6.67 billion!!! If investors continue to follow this plan, 2021 will be the most promising year in the history of cryptocurrencies.



Who is the strongest in the crypto market?

Of course, so far it is Grayscale Investment. In the first week of February, the company's record was one-five percent of $1 billion. This is 4/5 of the total inflow of funds to the crypto market. Carry on!

But Bitcoins were bought for only $42 million, but we know that it was successfully corrected by Tesla, which contributed as much as $1.5 billion to BTC. Interestingly, after such a pump Bitcoin surpassed by capitalisation the brainchild of Elon Musk — the very company-buyer BTC (Tesla).

In third place is Polkadot with $4.4 million, due to the growing popularity of the platform. As for the king of February — Ethereum, its rapid growth is directly related to the popularity of decentralised finances.

But when analyzing the market, we also noticed an interesting aspect. Investors are actively holding, and are not inclined to trade cryptocurrency.

We think that in 2021 DeFi will pour even more money than in 2020 and in the Ethereum blockchain a huge amount of money will be frozen!