Optimismo por Ethereum pospuesto hasta julio

Optimism development team, a second-tier solution for ethereum blockchain scaling, announced the postponement of the launch of the main network. Now the minimum waiting period has been extended until July of this year.

First of all, the speed of integration of the Optimism protocol depends on the readiness of the entire ecosystem. It was planned that the project would be implemented in mid-March, but it would take longer than the developers had planned to present it to the public. According to them, the shift of the schedule for July is an approximate guideline. Because the solution will be launched "jointly" by the entire Ethereum community.

These include basic infrastructure providers, wallets, nodes, and scaling solutions research. The stability of its operation has become the developers main goal at launch, but also a headache, because the project has been postponed several times.

When you need to solve the problem of bandwidth by reducing the fee for gas in the blockchain - any waiting period seems reasonable. After all, this is interested in all the crypto community, using Ethereum on a permanent basis.

Optimism has previously implemented a "software" solution within the decentralised Synthetix exchange, integrating it into several stages to reduce the risk of problems in the platform. According to Optimism representatives, the exchange has since managed to save more than $10 million in 100,000 transactions of its customers.

The threat of a premature launch for Optimism was potential attackers who can seize control of some dApps in order to deceive users and steal their personal funds.

The main victory in recent years for the Optimism team was the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which invested $25 million in the project. As a result, developers were able to hire more employees, greatly speeding up the workflow.

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