Snoop Dogg etiquetó DogeDay y puso a la venta NFT Nyan Dogg

On the unofficial DogeDay holiday, Snoop Dogg congratulated Elon Musk, as the most loyal Dogecoin fan, with a YouTube video in honor of the success of the token.

The rapper shared a music video for “420 DogeCoin Video,” in the spirit of Star Trek and Avatar. Of course, it was not without the main mascot of the token - a dog of the Shiba Inu breed, which was dressed in an astronaut's costume. The parody-psychedelic nature of the video is also due to the fact that “420” is a term popular among adherents of the culture of marijuana consumption.

In parallel with this, the rapper exhibited his own NFT, created with the participation of the author Nyan Cat. The result of their efforts, codenamed “Nyan Dogg”, is now valued at nearly $37,000 ETH equivalent on the OpenSea marketplace. Additional NFT Hazy Nyan Cat as well as Nyan Blunt are currently on sale at 0.42 ETH each. To date, their total sales have brought more than 90 Ethereum coins or $212,900.

The singer's NFT sale was made possible by the decentralized company BeetsDAO, formed in the Discord community in March this year. Community members do not adhere to a strict hierarchy, raising funds to purchase an NFT using a model that resembles a club or crowdfunding.

What the rapper's subsequent experiments in combining pop culture and cryptocurrencies will be (and whether they will be at all) is still a mystery.

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